The Ten Best Iron Man Stories I Already Read

Comic book resources just published their list of the 10 best Iron Man stories. I was looking forward to this list because I was given the Marvel DVD containing 40 years of Iron Man comics back in October (thank you, Devoted Wife). I’ve been making my way through them — I’m up to issue 210 — and was looking forward to a list of, well, what I have to look forward to as I continue.

From my perspective, there’s just one problem with this list: I’ve already read all of the stories.  I’ve read a bit of Matt Fraction’s run on the title, and I like both of his arcs that made it into the top 10. I’d heard great things about the ‘Extremis’ storyline by Warren Ellis and so it was one of the first stories I read off the DVD — right after I read the “Doomquest” story from Iron Man 150. [Side comment — I read a friend’s copy of that issue back in high school, and  it has to be one of the cheesiest ever printed, and I just love it. I mean, Iron Man and Doctor Doom travel back in time to Camelot! Now THAT’S a comic book plot!] I bought the Armor Wars TPB off Comixology over a year ago, and I just finished Denny O’Neil’s run on the title from 160-200 that included two stories in the top 10. So while I’d agree with most of the items on the list, I’m a little disappointed that it didn’t give me pointers to at least one story I haven’t read yet. I know no one actually reads this blog, but if anyone felt like leaving a recommendation in the comments, I’d be more than grateful.

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4 Comments on “The Ten Best Iron Man Stories I Already Read”

  1. Darth Hatredz Says:

    Iron Man (VOL1) 117-128 “Demon in a Bottle” (Although 117, 118, 119 are unofficial- First appearances of Bethany Cabe, James Rhoads, and S.H.I.E.L.D takeover of Stark International).

    Iron Man (VOL1) 219-221 First Appearance of the Ghost

    Iron Man (VOL1) Annual 7 “When Giants walk the Earth”

    Iron Man (VOL3) 1 “Looking Forward”

    Iron Man (VOL1) 168 “The Iron Scream” Drunk Iron man vs Machine Man

    Avengers (VOL3) Annual 2001 “House Cleaning”

    • jameslebak Says:

      Thanks for your list! I heartily agree with the “Demon in a Bottle” storyline, which was on the CBR list as well. I actually haven’t read most of the others on the list, though, and will give them a shot.

  2. guy incognito Says:

    Try these ones:
    – Michelinie/Layton second run (v1 215-250 – including Armor Wars and the second part of Doomquest)
    – Armor Wars II (v1 258-266)
    – Dragon Seed Saga (v1 270-275)
    – War Machine (v1 280-291)
    – Crash and Burn (v1 301-305)
    – Busiek/Chen (v3 1-25)
    – The Mask in the Iron Man (v3 26-30)
    – The Best Defense (v3 73-78)
    – Knauf brothers’ run (v4 7-28)
    – Hypervelocity (mini, 1-6)

    Avoid like the plague:
    – The Crossing (v1 319-325)

    I think this covers it all.

    • Tupiaz Says:

      What is wrong with the Crossing story? I haven’t read it yet but I have consider buying it though.

      However I can give a few advices to which Iron Man story to read. The Mask in the Iron Man is one of my favourite (and first) Iron Man story I have read. Dragon Seed Saga is also a good story. At the moment I’m reading the War Machine Story (have the War Machine TPB and Hands of the Mandarin waiting as well). I find part two of Doomqeust (know as Recurring Knightmare) better than part one but I’m the minority here. I also like the third Doomquest Story Michelinie/Layton made (know as Legacy of Doom). Enter the Mandarin is a retelling of the first meeting between Iron Man and Mandarin. It has a very fast past phasing a you a trough it before you know it. However still a good story, IGN has made a top 25 maybe you can use that for inspiration.

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